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Support the Council Rock North Choirs by Flocking your friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers! You choose the size of flock, give us the location, and we do the rest while you enjoy the fun! Schedule a Flock Stop today! 


The flock takes flight on November 1 and continue until all stops have been made. 

They will follow a flight plan determined by the number of stops and location of stops.

Flock will stay at a single location for approximately 24 hours before moving on.


Flock stops will not be made if the location is deemed unsafe for any reason including dogs, security systems, or unwilling participants.


Flock Sizes 

Mini Flock (6 birds) = $15

Flock (12 birds) = $20

Southern Flock (24 birds) = $40

Flamboyance (48 birds) = $70 

Flock Insurance 

Protect yourself from
getting flocked.



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