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Registration & Commitment Form



We enjoy an outstanding reputation for excellence. Membership in all performing ensembles requires a significant commitment of time . Most importantly, we have a great time making music together. It is crucial that the nuts and bolts of our operation outlined here are followed with mutual respect.

All students and parents must register in order to participate in all the choral activities:

  • Review the handbook and attendance/grading policies

  • Print and review the Quick Glance yearly calendar with rehearsal/concert dates and times (currently being compiled - will be updated by 9/23/19)

  • Submit Registration form (download below) and remit payment for MANDATORY membership in the parent organization CRNCPA ($25 annual dues per family). Click HERE for the option to pay membership dues online.

  • Order a black music folder ($33 one-time fee) if the student does not already own one.

  • Return the signed registration form to the choir office. Signatures on the form indicates that both the student and the parent or guardian intend to be involved in choral activities at North and accept the responsibilities and requirements.



  • Please refer to the Student Handbook for more details. (Thanks for your patience - a 2019-2020 updated version will be ready soon!)

  • Attendance at all after-school and evening rehearsals is mandatory

  • Attendance at all concert performances is mandatory

  • A sliding scale of grade reductions occurs for all unexcused absences

  • Parent notes seeking an excused absence for an unexcused reason are appreciated but never accepted
    (eg: "previous commitment")

  • Dress Rehearsal attendance is critical to a successful concert. Students who miss dress rehearsals place themselves in jeopardy of not being allowed to perform in the concert.

  • Student Athletes and those involved in other Clubs are allowed one missed rehearsal per concert season. Students involved in other activities should work with the director as soon as possible to make these situations smooth and acceptable for all parties involved.


The director reserves the right to determine a student's eligibility any performance in all circumstances. A student who does not participate in a concert for any reason is subject to appropriate consequences. Submitting all forms is the first graded assignment of the year.


Please sign the Registration Form and return signed forms to the Choir Director no later than Monday SEPT 23.

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