Singing has the ability to transform lives: the lives of those who listen to music as well as those who participate in its performance. Musicians at Council Rock High School North experience significant personal growth and development through exposure to high quality choral music. By refining choral and vocal skills, students are offered opportunities for self-expression, aesthetic awareness and the constant challenge of striving for excellence. It is this challenge that inspires everything we do.


Students are exposed to a wide variety of quality choral literature that broadens perspective about life and the human condition. Connections to history, poetry, politics, world cultures, languages, folklore, and literature are made in ways that are different and more personal than a regular academic classroom. Choral music brings students to a deeper awareness of emotion in an amazingly profound way…it is a journey that we take together but has a unique and special destination for everyone. Ultimately, the concert stage performance is a reflection of the unity that comes from teamwork, the blend of individual voices and power of artistic expression.


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'20-'21 End of Year Celebration

Thursday, June 3rd, 6pm

Core Creek Park Pavilion #11

Join us for our end of year celebration and to bid farewell to our graduating seniors. One admission ticket is required for each attendee. Programming for the evening will include awards, senior tributes, SWAG, and (hopefully) some fun outdoor games. 

This will be a casual, picnic-style event. Enjoy the evening without cooking by pre-ordering from a variety of boxed meal options catered by Colonial Farms. Meals are priced at $12.50 each and will be delivered to the pavilion. The deadline to pre-order meals is Sunday, May 30th. Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your own, picnic-style meal.

If you would like to help offset CRNCPA's expenses, with an at-will donation, we will definitely put it to good use. Thank you for your generosity!