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Council Rock North has a vibrant choral department consisting of four ensembles: Women’s Chorale, Symphonic Choir, North Voice and Rhythm at the Rock. The North Choirs perform a wide variety of repertoire, from classical to pop and everything in-between singing and competing throughout the region and beyond. Every four years, a select group of choir students opt to participate in an International Concert Tour, with recent trips to China, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. Last year we had the pleasure of travelling to Portugal and Spain!


Chorale is open to all students interested in developing their individual vocal and choral skills. Emphasis is placed on proper breathing, tone production, diction, musicality and music reading proficiency. A variety of suitable literature, ranging from Renaissance to contemporary, will be studied and performed in concert. The performance nature of this course requires attendance after school for scheduled rehearsals and concerts. Chorale rehearses monthly after school and more frequently prior to concerts. Participation in these rehearsals, as well as all scheduled performances, is a requirement. All freshmen girls and girls new to the choir program who intend to participate in Symphonic Choir must take one year of Chorale (Boys are placed in Symphonic Choir regardless of matriculation). Students may remain in Chorale for all four years of high school or may advance into Symphonic Choir by auditioning towards the end of the year.

There will be an opportunity provided for those students demonstrating high skill levels to pursue a more rigorous curriculum, which will entail performance of the highest levels of high school music literature.

Rhythm of the Rock

Rhythm of the Rock is Council Rock North's premiere Pop A Cappella Singing Ensemble. An auditioned group of 17-18 people, the group sings in the style of modern Pop A Cappella and uses individual voices to not only convey lyrics, but also individual instruments (such as Bass) and drums. The group often features soloists and a vocal percussion. It is a Highly Competitive group that also performs with staging and movement.

You cannot be afraid to sing and perform if you want to be a part of this group (Stage presence is a must)! The group performs at school events and concerts, as well as travels to a cappella competitions and festivals, and hosts their very own festival entitled "A Cappella at the Rock."  All Council Rock North Students may audition for this group, even if you are not enrolled in an academic choir (although enrolling in choir classes is strongly recommended.) Members of Rhythm of the Rock are quick learners, hard workers, and willing to be flexible. They work on music-reading skills, are good listeners, and are ready to have fun not only singing, but more importantly performing.


Symphonic Choir is an advanced level ensemble. Students chosen for this group must be able to perform the highest level of high school choral literature, and must demonstrate high skill levels. Boys, regardless of matriculation status, are placed in Symphonic Choir, while girls must complete one year of Women's Chorale before being auditioning for Symphonic Choir. Students will advance their individual vocal and choral skills with an emphasis on tone production, breathing, diction, musicality, music reading proficiency and rehearsal techniques. A variety of advanced choral literature, ranging from Renaissance to contemporary, will be studied and performed in concert. The performance nature of this course requires attendance after school for scheduled rehearsals and concerts. The Symphonic Choir rehearses monthly after school, and additional rehearsals will be scheduled at the discretion of the director to prepare for local, national, and international events.


NorthVoice is Council Rock North's highly-competitive, auditioned select ensemble. NorthVoice sings at a variety of events throughout the school and community, and performs a varied repertoire of mostly a cappella music. Auditions for NorthVoice are held in the spring for the following school year. Once a member is selected for NorthVoice, they remain a part of that ensemble for the rest of their High School Career. All members of NorthVoice sing in Symphonic Choir or Chorale as well (You must be registered for a choir class in order to participate in this group). 

Ryan Carlin
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